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July 2021

Welcome to LVC's e-NEWS, part of our new community engagement platform! We're responding to the request for more regular and quick-read updates, and look forward to your feedback.


LVC Service Year Updates

Greetings, Friends!  Here's a quick snapshot of LVC trends:

  • Volunteer enrollment is down from 38 in 2020 to 34 in 2021
  • Females made up 63% of Volunteers in 2020, up to 73% in 2021
  • Six Volunteers were over 25 years old in 2020, while one Volunteer is over 25 in 2021
  • 21% of Volunteers self-identified as People of Color in 2020, increased to 30% in 2021
  • 60% of Volunteers had a college degree in 2020, while 70% have a college degree in 2021
  • Approximately 50% of Volunteers came from east and southern states in 2020 and 2021
  • Twin Cities decreased from 14 to 9 Volunteers from 2020 to 2021; while DC filled all 12 spots for both years, without having housing to accommodate five or more that wished to participate
  • LVC individual donations decreased approximately $100,000 over the last year, a critical decline
  • LVC completed its inaugural year of Program Days the first Friday of each month, engaging a variety of social justice topics and presenters in a national forum
  • LVC resumes anti-oppression training at orientation, reinvigorating the conversation around race

COVID Transitions and Funding Challenges

LVC received two COVID-19 PPP government grants over the last year anticipating funding reductions, providing a critical infusion during a difficult time.  Individual donations dropped by approximately 40% from 2020 to 2021, and there won't be a PPP for the new fiscal year in September, significantly reducing donations that have been declining for more than five years. LVC has plans to raise Placement fees, which have not been raised in years, except for some minor adjustments when LVC shifted to a new funding model two years ago (most fees stayed stable at that time). LVC is also exploring grant funding, though preliminary analysis shows limitations due to non-direct service activities.  New and existing donors can demonstrate support by become sustaining monthly donors, by selecting the "make this donation recurring" box on the donation form, and by increasing your monthly or annual gifts. Thank you for valuing the LVC experience, and demonstrating with your time, talent and treasure.

Local Support: Calling on Alumni to Host in LVC Cities

We're all ready to be in-person again. This spring, LVC's Wilmington, DE Local Support Network created their "Take a Hike for LVC" event and invited national participation, raising about $7,000. For spring 2022, we're inviting supporters to hike again, and are calling on alumni to be hosts to hikes in LVC program cities and beyond.  We're also inviting alumni to host Fall gatherings (bbq, dinner parties, happy hours...) to raise funds for LVC and enjoy community. Raise your hand now to plan for fall 2021 and spring 2022 by connecting with LVC program director and national event convener, Shae Agee at sagee@lutheranvolunteercorps.org.



NATIONAL NEWS United Through National Service

Voices across the political spectrum — who agree on close to nothing — agree that America needs to expand #nationalservice to bring the country together. #UnitedThroughNationalService will raise up those voices. Learn more, and donate to your favorite service program, LVC.

VOLUNTEERS AND PLACEMENTS Public Justice Center and CreateMPLS 

We're excited to announce that Baltimore, MD's Public Justice Center (PJC) joined LVC as a new Placement for August 2021, matching Volunteer Maryam Hassanein as paralegal, health and benefits rights project, with PJC's supervisor Ashley Black; and Fredson Desravines (left photo) as paralegal, education stability project with PJC's supervisor Monisha Cherayil.

Another new Placement in Twin Cities, MN is CreateMPLS, which brings technology training focused on young women and underserved racial minorities in Minnesota, and is matched with Volunteer Braden Kilpatrick for August 2021.

PROGRAM WATCH Anti-Oppression Training Returns; Orientation Includes Mental Health; Funding Volunteer Placement Electives

In August 2021, LVC's legacy anti-racism training becomes an anti-oppression "walk" designed not around personal privilege recognition and growth with an equity goal, but with a systemic lens and liberation goal. 


ALUMNI Jeremy Rehwaldt

Every year, alum Jeremy Rehwaldt -- who just participated on LVC's July Program Day panel on the Volunteer transition out of the year of service -- asks his students at Midland University in Fremont, NE, what it takes to lead a contented and meaningful life. Every year he hears the same responses, yet often the way we spend our time and money don't support those goals.  Why? 

SUPPORT CONGREGATIONS and HOUSING Redeemer House Takes a Pause

In response to a trend-shift in Volunteers interested in serving more in the East than Midwest, LVC has found itself without enough Volunteers to fill its Twin Cities, MN houses. As LVC tries to acknowledge the blessing and find the opportunity, we are thankful for the unique relationship with Redeemer Lutheran Church and its Redeemer House, that have worked with us as partners in mission.

LOCAL SUPPORT Wilmington's Take a Hike Raises $7,000

This spring, LVC's Wilmington, DE Local Support Network created their "Take a Hike for LVC" event and invited national participation, raising about $7,000. For spring 2022, we're inviting supporters to hike again, and are calling on alumni to be hosts to hikes in LVC program cities and beyond. Wilmington, thanks for the leadership!


LOCAL SUPPORT Alumni Step Up for Mental Health

In our May 2021 e-news, we called on LVC alumni to step up to help support Volunteer mental health challenges over the service year. We're pleased to report that several alumni joined to create the inaugural Mental Health Resource Group (MHRG) along with staff, and will be sharing professional expertise around cases that arise over the year.  The MHRG will also lead the workshop on mental health during Volunteer Orientation in August 2021 to initiate the conversation around expectations and resources.  LVC appreciates greatly these alumni partners taking a positive approach by sharing their time and talent.  THANK YOU!



Rental Housing Needed  Have a house to rent or share for long term lease for the LVC program in one of our cities? Contact program director Shae Agee.

Host LVC Gathering in Your City for Fall '21 or Spring '22   Help LVC launch nationwide "Take a Hike for LVC" in spring 2022 by hosting a local hike to raise funds; or host a get-together in fall 2021 to bring LVC alumni and supporters together face to face. Contact program director Shae Agee to get the ball rolling. 


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