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DECEMBER 22, 2022

Our blessings to you, Friends:

LVC's wish this holiday season -- build community, live simply and sustainably, work for justice.

These values are not new, and have been why thousands of alumni joined LVC over the years; and thousands of you support LVC's impact on the justice landscape. When you ask them, alumni inevitably share how LVC changed their lives; how they still build intentional communities that support each other; how they live simply in a world of consumerism; and how they work and fight daily for justice issues, regardless of their career paths. These values are gifts we give ourselves -- and gifts we can give others. You can do that for someone else, today.


You heard us when we announced in September that LVC has less Volunteers this year, at 16, compared to almost 60 five years ago. While this decline is also happening to other service year programs around the country, we're seeing something new and regenerative. Our house communities, ranging in size from two to eight, have been leaning into community more; working more diligently through differences; seeking community over individuality more. Volunteers and staff have had more often communications, more directly; and mentors have been more intentional with local engagement. Churches have adopted each house, supplementing food supplies. We do not feel reduced, compromised, or intimidated for being the opposite of big. For this and your support, we are thankful.


Less Placement partners this year means less revenues. However, LVC was able to receive the Employee Retention Tax Credit, an extension of 2020 and 2021's PPP grants.  Please know that LVC stewards your gifts responsibly, and that we are living as simply and sustainably as possible with a small team, e-communications, only one postcard paper mailing to those without email, and limited travel. We are raising funds this holiday season, for the May hike-a-thon weekend in 2023, and for the rest of the year. And, we continue to provide housing, utilities, health insurance, transportation, stipend, programming, and administration at no cost to LVC Volunteers -- so that they might serve their year with only community and justice as their focus. For next year -- we already have 10 applicants interested in the program, which is 10 more than the previous year.  For this, and your support, we are thankful.


LVC has had the privilege of partnering with Restorative Justice Community Action in Minneapolis for several years, and we have RJCA's executive director, Cynthia Prosek, as our board chair. Volunteers have valued service at RJCA tremendously, growing their understanding of what restorative justice stands for. Restorative justice is an approach that focuses on the needs of the victims, the offenders and the involved communities to identify solutions that promote repair, reconciliation and rebuilding of relationships. Restorative justice calls on us to show equal consideration to victims and offenders. That is hard justice work. 

Another Placement, Community of Hope in Washington, DC, offers quality healthcare and stable housing to the most vulnerable mothers, fathers, and children who struggle with health and often experience homelessness. Our LVC Volunteer serving as patient advocate, Zachary Light, shares their thoughts on working for justice:

With the indispensable help of my supervisor, a former LVC volunteer herself, I am learning the ins and outs of DC's healthcare system firsthand, as an integral part of Community of Hope's services to our patients. Not a day goes by that I don't gain valuable experience engaging with patients, familiarizing myself with community resources, and understanding my own limits. 

For these invaluable experiences in social justice, and for your support of Zack and others on these life changing journeys, we are thankful.


LVC sends out e-news six times a year, with extra messaging for the hike-a-thon and giving season.  If you know someone who does not receive e-news, it's because we don't have their email address. Please encourage them to connect! (This postcard was sent in December to alumni and donors without email, and may be the only communication they receive.)



CLOSED FOR THE HOLIDAYS   Nonprofits do emotionally challenging work without 9-5 working hours. To give LVC's hard-working staff time for themselves and their families, the office will be closed December 19 - January 2. We look forward to engaging with you in the New Year, and Happy Holidays!

APPLY FOR LVC FELLOWHIP PROGRAM!   If you're at least 21, at any stage of life, you can apply for the LVC in-person program which starts in August 2023, or virtual positions available now.  APPLY HERE.

2023 HIKE-A-THON   Save the date for the 2023 hike-a-thon in cities across the U.S., May 19-21!

RENT THE DC HOUSE   For an affordable rent by Washington, DC standards, you can rent the house at 1323 Staples St NE, 20002 for $2,900.  View pictures and details HERE, and contact Deirdre Bagley if interested. Feel free to post this opportunity wherever you wish.

LVC BOARD AND COMMITTEES   You can still submit your candidacy for LVC's Board of Directors, and for working committees, as a great way to get more involved. APPLY HERE.


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