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May 2021

Welcome to LVC's e-NEWS, part of our new community engagement platform! We're responding to the request for more regular and quick-read updates, and look forward to your feedback.


Calling on Mental Health Practitioners

The LVC service year can be more challenging for some Volunteers, requiring extra support. We are forming a mental health resource group to be an ongoing resource to LVC operations.  This is a call for alumni and other supporters to submit their names and credentials to donate services for the volunteer year August 2021-July 2022.  This resource group will support mental health, refer Volunteers to community services, and serve as an advisory group to staff. SIGN UP HERE.

Local Support Networks

Local Support Networks met in April and May to re-start this important component of LVC community. Thanks to everyone who showed up! (You can still join Omaha on May 6 at 6:30pm.) In the past, these lively, organized efforts made sure Volunteers' houses were stocked with furniture and food, Placements were secured, and emotional support was offered. Networks formed a supportive community for alumni, too.  Lookout for the next round of meetings in the months to come, and/or SIGN UP HERE.

Annual Mentor Recruitment

Had a great LVC experience and want to share the love with new Volunteers for a positive service year? Community and Spirituality mentors connect with Volunteer houses monthly and offer guidance, growth conversations, and connection to lifelong community. Or, be a "Pop-up Mentor" and engage Volunteers just around career and path discernment as they transition out of LVC.  Contact program director Shae Agee with interest, and expect an info-session around June 15.

Still Time to Volunteer

You can be at any stage of life to embrace a service year of social justice, as long as you're at least 21. LVC accepts applications through June, though you get the best pick of positions by jumping into the process early. FIND THE APPLICATION HERE.



ALUMNI Response to Recent Email Campaign

LVC alumni sent in a response to a recent email campaign from other alumni in the ongoing conversation around Volunteer mental health. Alumni who are mental health service providers can take the next step by joining the LVC Mental Health Resource Group to build LVC's capacity. Thank you in advance! Read more below.

VOLUNTEERS Faith in the Harvest at Wellstone

Volunteers at LVC's Wellstone House in Twin Cities, MN, are looking forward to tilling the soil and transplanting the indoor vegetable seedlings they've started, recalling the words of the house's  namesake, Paul Wellstone, who said, "We all do better when we all do better." 


"I have found it important to reflect on how everyone contributes to a community. Each member comes into the community with different experiences and strengths, and it is unreasonable to expect everyone to contribute in exactly the same way. It was a bit challenging to get out of this mindset at first. Recognizing how everyone contributes with different ways is an important step in building intentional community. The easiest part of building community in LVC is that everyone is committed to engaging with it."

PLACEMENTS A History of Volunteering at LIRS in Baltimore

Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service joined LVC as a Placement because they know how impactful and formative a program like LVC is firsthand.  LIRS's VP of Development and Outreach, Andrew Steele, and all of the LIRS Outreach team, were participants in an organized service program after college.

LOCAL SUPPORT Take a Hike for LVC: May 1-23 

Take a hike for LVC – no, really – take a hike! Each year the Wilmington, DE local support community gathers for a bowl-a-thon fundraiser, which didn't happen due to COVID-19. Instead, they're asking all LVC supporters to “Take a Hike for LVC” on any date between May 1st to May 23rd to demonstrate ongoing advocacy around volunteering and service.  Sign yourself and your group up using the link below.  No, really -- sign up!



Rental Housing Needed  If you have access to affordable housing in our program cities (DC, Baltimore, Twin Cities, Wilmington DE), or your place of worship has a parish/house to rent, please contact program director Shae Agee.

Real Estate Agents   Real estate agent needed specializing in (lower income) rental housing market in Washington, DC for LVC Volunteer residence, for August 2021 rental.  Contact program director Shae Agee.

Volunteer Year Transition Panelists  Can you advise Volunteers on opportunities as they transition out of their year of service? This might include graduate school, seminary, employment, ongoing service, or other growth opportunities.  Share your interest with program director Shae Agee.

Donate services to the LVC Mental Health Resource Group  Sign up HERE.


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